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Can you really get fit riding an e-bike?

It seems like a complete contradiction - using a bike with an electric motor to get fit. What happened to 'no pain, no gain' or feeling the burn?


These may be good mantras for elite athletes and the beautiful people of Instagram to live by, but back in the real world (where most of us have jobs, families and a general dislike of burning and pain) an e-bike can be the ideal way to get fit.


Last year Global Cycling Network tasked former professional cyclist and self-confessed slacker-in-retirement Dan Lloyd to put it to the test. The result is that even using the powerful motor of his e-bike Dan found he got a great workout.


If a former professional athlete can still feel the benefits with the help of an electric motor (let's face it - his idea of being 'out of shape' is probably still far fitter than most of us will ever be) then for those of us looking to get a bit more mobile or lose a bit of weight the benefits are likely to be even greater.





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