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Puncture proof tyres

Tannus Tyres are like no other bicycle tyre on the planet. Being solid, a Tannus tyre can withstand everything that would normally stop you flat.

With a Tannus tyre, nails, glass, sharp metal objects and thorns are no longer your enemy. No more punctures or changing inner tubes at the side of the road.

The patented Aither technology that makes up 100% of Tannus tyres is a scientifically engineered super material that, while being extremely resistant to wear and the environment, still provides comfort, minimises rolling resistance and provides unprecedented safety.

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The science bit

Q: How long do they last?

A: 10,000km (6000 miles)depending on the rider's style of riding.

Q: What are they made from?

A: Tannus is made from a material called Aither 1.1 it is polymer, like that which can be found in the soles of running shoes.

Q: How are they in the wet?

A: In tests, grip performance was found to have the same skidding resistance as a rubber tyre, and braking performance showed Tannus had the same result as a  rubber tyre at a speed of 20km/h.

Q: What weight can they take?

A: Each tyre can withstand 75kg. Example 2 x 75kg = 150kg person

Q: What is the ride like?

A: Rides like a pneumatic (air filled)  tyre.

Q: Are they difficult to fit?

A: We include professional fitting in the price of the tyres. And since you'll never puncture you need never have to change a tyre yourself.

We will happily fit Tannus tyres to your bike but the video below is a great demonstration of how the tyres are securely attached to the rim of the wheel.